Services I Offer

I offer a range of design and animation services. I can design your banners or make and animated video for your info-graphic. An interactive PDF for your presentation or a 3D replica of your product. I can also offer my design process functions and ways to increase productivity.

Contact me today for your design or animations!


Some well known names I have designed digital content for are The Sun, Ladbrokes, Debinhams and Victor Chandler.


Need a 3D/2D animation? A billboard or a youtube info-graphic?  I will deliver smooth, clear and engaging moving graphics for any purpose.


I  actively practiced 3D design since 1999. I use Cinema 4D and 3D Studio max to create 3D objects, designs or animations.


I can design and create websites. Need one? Contact me today to find out more.


I'm great at drawing and can illustrate anything you need. Weather you need  illustrations in your marketing ad or for storyboarding.


I offer design process optimization and  ways to increase productivity. I can help develop and grow deign processes to streamline your design projects.

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Stefan Costain


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