Project Management

Project Based Development

I can manage your project from start to finish. I have experience doing so, I can animate your info-graphic or design your banners. I am a creator and idea thinker. I will go the extra mile to achieve your design and animation goal. I can suggest ideas for process and development structures. I have experience using project management software such as JIRA.

My Capabilities


Digital designs such as banners, billboards & website imagery.


3D modelling and design such as room layouts, logos or products.


Animation 2D & 3D such as infographic animations or billboards.


Website construction and design for personal or business use.


For each project I plan your design or animation from the start.  I can offer you an insight  into the final result for your project as I go. I  can offer layouts, storyboards and sketched ideas to illustrate, demonstrate and plan your project and get the result you require.



I aim for my clients to be more than happy with the work I do. That's why I understand if you need changes to your project. I work closely with you to get everything perfect. You can talk to me via video-link, or contacting me via phone or email .


I want your designs and animations to be the best they can be. I want to be proud of every piece of work I do. That's why I will do everything I can to achieve the strongest designs and animations possible.


My designs, your success. I want all of my clients to be successful in what they do. That's why  I will strive to get a full understanding of your requirements so I can do the very best to achieve your goal and achieve it big.




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Stefan Costain


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