Stefan is a motion graphics designer with insight and experience in digital and some print design. Stefan has twenty years of experience in the field, animating and using Adobe products.


In his last role he was responsible for maintaining a vast majority of digital content for Ladbrokes (now know as Ladbrokescoral). He managed digital design for Ladbrokes UK for three years. During his time that he was there, Stefan had developed his design skills, brand awareness and ways to optimise design processes.


Stefan has experience of working with interactive and dynamic content. He can deliver additional benefits which your average designer can't such as website construction and sound development.


With multiple talents across the whole spectrum of multimedia creativity, Stefan has a great understanding of what is needed to create and develop any project from simple digital banners to high-end 3D animated videos.


Stefan has developed skills to unify designs across the board. He also has a great understanding and will to bring a strong and constant feel to a brand. Stefan aims to unify not only the designs but the processes of colleges that are involved in design too. Together forming a trusting and comfortable team Stefan can help develop a good enthusiastic spirit for design.


Stefan's has the ability to think outside the box. He will bring new ideas and better ways to develop designs and design processes across your company. His aim is to produce new, fresh, captivating designs while developing a clear and clean process along the way. Being a part of and developing a design team for ultimate productivity.







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